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Sullivan<br> 850 Franklin Street, Suite 12A<br> Wrentham, MA 02093<br> 774-847-9144<br> <a href="mailto:ksimme@collegefundingalternatives.com">MassCollegeFA@Comcast.net</a></h3><br> </h3> </td> <td width="571" height="72" colspan="9"></td> <td width="1" height="72"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="72"></td> </tr> <tr height="4"> <td width="100" height="4" colspan="3"></td> <td content csheight="100" width="664" height="112" colspan="10" rowspan="2" valign="top" xpos="100"> <h1><img src="images/freereports.jpg" alt="" height="57" width="288" border="0"></h1> <p><font color="black">Just click on a report title for more information. Then click on that title's check mark and fill in your name and mailing address. We'll send you the reports you desire. Or call us at (609) 799-2500 in NJ OR (774) 847-9144 in MA.</font></p> </td> <td width="55" height="1023" rowspan="4"></td> <td width="1" height="4"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="4"></td> </tr> <tr height="108"> <td width="76" height="1019" colspan="2" rowspan="3"></td> <td width="24" height="1019" rowspan="3" valign="top" align="left" xpos="76"><img src="images/verticalline.jpg" alt="" height="960" width="1" border="0"></td> <td width="1" height="108"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="108"></td> </tr> <tr height="104"> <td content csheight="91" width="664" height="104" colspan="10" valign="top" xpos="100"> <ul> <h2> <h1><font color="#009900"><a href="#Anchor-Nin-6130">Nine New Ways to Beat the High Cost of College!</a><br> </font><font color="#009900"><a href="#Anchor-Fi-33589">Fifteen Questions you must ask BEFORE Hiring a Financial Advisor</a><br> </font><font color="#009900"><a href="#Anchor-Attentio-6349">Attention: Seniors with Retirement Savings</a><br> </font><font color="#009900"><a href="#Anchor-Eleve-24264">Eleven Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make and How to Avoid Them!</a></font></h1> </h2> </ul> </td> <td width="1" height="104"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="104"></td> </tr> <tr height="807"> <td content csheight="789" width="664" height="807" colspan="10" valign="top" xpos="100"> <h1><a name="Anchor-Nin-6130" id="Anchor-Nin-6130"></a><a title="Nine New Ways to Beat the High Cost of College" href="mailto:ksimme@collegefundingalternatives.com?subject=Nine%20New%20Ways%20to%20Beat%20the%20High%20Cost%20of%20College"><img src="images/check.jpg" alt="" width="15" height="15" border="0"> Nine New Ways to Beat the High Cost of College!</a></h1> <ul> At last parents can discover how to comfortably send their child off to college without fear of being financially wiped out! New information reveals little known tips and techniques about how to get the most money possible, in the easiest way! This FREE Report dares to unleash the best-kept secrets of paying for college that universities hope you never find out! Discover the inside secrets to keeping the most money in <i>your</i> pocket, and having your child go to the college they desire, with these amazing methods.<b> </b>Click on the title above and fill in your name and address or call (609) 799-2500 in NJ OR (774) 847-9144 in MA to avoid missing this incredible money saving information! </ul> <h1><a name="Anchor-Fi-33589" id="Anchor-Fi-33589"></a><a title="Fifteen Questions you must ask BEFORE Hiring a Financial Advisor" href="mailto:ksimme@collegefundingalternatives.com?subject=Fifteen%20Questions%20to%20Ask%20Before%20Hiring%20a%20Financial%20Advisor"><img src="images/check.jpg" alt="" width="15" height="15" border="0"> Fifteen Questions you must ask BEFORE Hiring a Financial Advisor</a></h1> <ul> <p>Most people who know they need financial help and good advice with their money realize that they usually need to hire a competent financial planner or advisor. However, when it comes to choosing the financial professional, it becomes...<br> <b>A Matter Of Financial Life Or Death! </b>&nbsp; Some people spend more time planning a vacation than they do in selecting a financial professional to create good, safe and profitable financial map! And that's why people like Bob and Carol end up retiring with only $5,827 left in their savings account! This couple took the advice from the wrong person, and without questioning what was really going on with their money, they found themselves flat broke, just when they wanted and deserved their hard-earned money the most! That's because they did not...<br> <b>Ask The Right Questions Before Hiring A Financial Planner Or Advisor! </b>&nbsp; If you're like Bob and Carol, and you hire a professional without asking them a series of the most critical questions you must ask first... then you must get a copy of the free report that reveals these financially life saving questions! Click on the title above and fill in your name and address and we'll get that report to you right away. Or call us at (609) 799-2500 in NJ OR (774) 847-9144 in MA.</p> </ul> <h1><a name="Anchor-Attentio-6349" id="Anchor-Attentio-6349"></a><a name="Seniors with retirement savings" href="mailto:ksimme@collegefundingalternatives.com?subject=Attention:%20Seniors%20with%20Retirement%20Savings"><img src="images/check.jpg" alt="" width="15" height="15" border="0"> <font face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><b>Attention: Seniors with Retirement Savings</b></font></a></h1> <ul> <p>A nationally known financial expert says many seniors who have savings accounts make these mistakes, costing themselves and their families thousands of dollars! They risk their retirement security, <u>increasing the chance they could outlive their money</u>. This is true whether they handle retirement savings themselves, or with help from a professional! Are <u>YOU</u> needlessly losing <i>thousands </i>of dollars? Find out NOW, by getting this eye opening FREE report that reveals retirement savings secrets that banks and insurance companies don&rsquo;t want you to know! Click on the title, or call us at (609) 799-2500 in NJ OR (774) 847-9144 in MA.</p> </ul> <h1><a name="Anchor-Eleve-24264" id="Anchor-Eleve-24264"></a><a href="mailto:ksimme@collegefundingalternatives.com?subject=Eleven%20Biggest%20Mistakes%20Retirees%20Make%20and%20How%20to%20Avoid%20Them!"><img src="images/check.jpg" alt="" width="17" height="15" border="0"> <font face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><b>Eleven Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make and How to Avoid Them!</b></font></a></h1> <ul> If you are a hard working person who is about to retire, or who has already retired, then this&nbsp; might be most important article you&rsquo;ve ever read! <p>&nbsp;It doesn&rsquo;t matter whether your income before retirement was large or average. If you don&rsquo;t accurately plan for retirement, you may end up making mistakes that could cost your retirement financial security! If you use a CPA, broker or insurance agent, it doesn&rsquo;t mean you&rsquo;re OK. The truth is they do have certain expertise. But, they simply don&rsquo;t specialize in harmonizing and integrating all the aspects of retirees' finances into a sound plan that&rsquo;ll let you sleep at night!</p> <p>A local retirement specialist sees the painful, devastating mistakes retirees make. They cringe at the needless and easily avoidable financial messes brought into their offices. Retirees running out of money. Paying a fortune in unnecessary taxes. Losing money. Having to go back to work. If these retirees had only known about these mistakes, they could have avoided them in the first place! While it may be too late for some, it&rsquo;s not too late for YOU! You can get a FREE copy of an informative and objective report called, <b><i>&ldquo;The 11 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make And How To Avoid Them!&rdquo;</i></b><i> G</i>et your copy by clicking the title just above and filling in your name and address or by calling us at (609) 799-2500 in NJ OR (774) 847-9144 in MA. You only get ONE chance at retirement. There&rsquo;s NO second chance, and no room for error.</p> </ul> </td> <td width="1" height="807"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="807"></td> </tr> <tr height="16"> <td width="64" height="16"></td> <td width="755" height="16" colspan="13" valign="top" align="left" xpos="64"> <hr size="1" width="752"> </td> <td width="1" height="16"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="16"></td> </tr> <tr height="36"> <td width="256" height="36" colspan="6"></td> <td width="317" height="36" colspan="3" valign="top" align="left" xpos="256"><img src="images/collegefundingalternativest.jpg" alt="" height="30" width="274" border="0"></td> <td width="246" height="36" colspan="5"></td> <td width="1" height="36"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="36"></td> </tr> <tr height="24"> <td width="136" height="24" colspan="4"></td> <td content csheight="24" width="520" height="24" colspan="6" valign="top" xpos="136"> <p>186 Princeton-Hightstown Road . Building 4A . Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 . (609) 799-2500 in NJ OR (774) 847-9144 in MA</p> <p>850 Franklin Street . Suite 12A . Wrentham, MA 02093 . 774-847-9144</p> </td> <td width="163" height="24" colspan="4"></td> <td width="1" height="24"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="24"></td> </tr> <tr height="1" cntrlrow> <td width="64" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="64" height="1"></td> <td width="12" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="12" height="1"></td> <td width="24" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="24" height="1"></td> <td width="36" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="36" height="1"></td> <td width="112" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="112" height="1"></td> <td width="8" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="8" height="1"></td> <td width="71" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="71" height="1"></td> <td width="123" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="123" height="1"></td> <td width="123" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="123" height="1"></td> <td width="83" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="83" height="1"></td> <td width="40" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="40" height="1"></td> <td width="48" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="48" height="1"></td> <td width="20" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="20" height="1"></td> <td width="55" height="1"><spacer type="block" width="55" height="1"></td> <td width="1" height="1"></td> </tr> </table> <p> </p> </body> </html>